Welcome to the Modelling & Simulation Group.  Our highlights…

  • The new MSG Lunar Base to demonstrate physically simulation and distributed computing using light and objects – see the menu!
  • Innovation in Modelling & Simulation with distributed computing, high performance computing, e-Infrastructures, Cyberinfrastructures, grid computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things (Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins) and web-based simulation.
  • Our research is strongly application focused with a track record of successful industrial collaboration that has led to major cost savings through high performance simulation (>£2M).
  • Co-design of multiple industrial applications and distributed computing infrastructures.
  • Worked with consortia to attract over £30M in funding from the European Commission, Research Councils UK and industry.
  • Helped SMEs to attract research funding for the first time.
  • Made major contributions to the development of National Research and Education Networks and e-Infrastructures across Africa (development of the Africa Open Science Platform and hackfest training program (Sci-GaIA); co-developed the NREN Service Roadmap being adopted in 11 countries in West and Central Africa with WACREN).
  • Led the development of an international standard in M&S (SISO-STD-006-2010 Standard for Commercial Off-the-Shelf Simulation Package Interoperability Reference Models)
  • Transfer cutting edge M&S and distributed computing research into teaching and learning activities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels – students are actively involved in our projects and specialist activities (e.g. the Simulation Exploration Experience with NASA).

Lead: Professor Simon J E Taylor

Co-Lead: Dr Anastasia Anagnostou

Members: Dr David Bell, Dr Derek Groen, Dr Ali Mousavi, Dr Armin Kashefi, Dr Diana Suleimenova, Prof. George Ghinea, Dr Hamid Arabnejad, Dr Imran Mahmood, Dr Isabel Sassoon, Dr Steven Sams, Dr Ade Fabiyi, Mr Nura Abubakar, Mr Chukwudi Nwogu

External Members: Dr Navonil Mustafee (Exeter), Dr Tillal Eldabi (Surrey), Dr Stephen Onggo (Southampton),  Prof. Wentong Cai (NTU), Prof. Paul Fishwick (UT Dallas), Mr John Ladbrook (Ford), Mr Shane Kite (Saker Solutions), Dr Tamas Kiss (Westminster), Prof Roberto Barbera (Catania), Mr Andreas Ocklenburg (CloudSME UG), Mr Omo Oaiya (WACREN)